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Daily Fantasy Basketball Basics

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The Basics of Fantasy Basketball

If you are reading this post, then you probably want to become a better daily Fantasy Basketball Player. Well my friend you have come to the right place, learning Daily Fantasy Basketball Basics will be key to your success. In this post we’ll go over some of the very basics to playing Daily Fantasy Basketball (on Fanduel specifically). After reading this you should no longer make rookie mistakes and be well on your way to becoming a fantasy basketball pro. Before we begin you should probably bookmark or save this post somewhere, so you can come back to it whenever you need a quick refresher. Okay so now that we got that introduction out of the way, let’s begin.

Play For Free

I know it’s clichés, but practice makes perfect or at least it makes you better. If you really want to become an elite fantasy basketball player, you need to practice. Every day you need to play in free leagues, 50/50s, and head to heads. This is how you learn and perfect your craft. The more you play the more you become aware of what’s really important in Fantasy Basketball (and DFS Sports in general). This is also how you learn which type on contests and formats works with your play style.

Don’t play for real money until you’re ready.

So one thing you really don’t want to do, is to start playing for real money before you’re ready. This Fantasy Basketball life can be harsh, or it can be real good to you. You don’t want your main focus be on your bankroll. That’s why it’s important to play for free every day. Playing for free will give you the confidence that you need to play for real cash. That way when you lose you want panic and throw a lot of money at one contest or just quit playing all together. When you stop looking at wins and losses and start focusing on how many points your team scored; that’s one indication that you may be ready to play for real. If you want to make a side income off of Daily Fantasy Basketball then you only need to concentrate on putting the best team in the contest that you can. So for instance, if you put a team in a head-to-head and that team scores 310 fantasy points but you lose that head to head. Now if you was expecting that team to score 290 points or 305 points somewhere around there and it scored 310 points then you need to consider that a win. Just because that line up that scored 310 points didn’t cash does not mean that you played the wrong lineup. You just lost that night, it’s simple as that. Once you’re cool with building lineups and judging your skill set off of how much your line up up scores instead of whether you cashed or not that’s when you know that you’re ready to play for real.

Learn the rules of the game.

Learn the rules of fantasy basketball and I’m not talking about how many points you get for a rebound for a two-point shot or a three-point shot or a steal or a turnover, that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about are the unwritten rules that’s going to separate you from the competition. For instance, don’t put players in your lineup that are coming off injury that is a rookie move. To be successful at Fantasy Basketball you need to learn how to limit and how to minimize risk. I don’t care if it’s James Harden or LeBron James, if they are coming off a high ankle sprain and it’s their first game back, then not put them in your lineups. Next rule, if a player is listed as a game-time decision just don’t play that player, don’t put that player into your lineup. let somebody else take that risk by putting that player that’s a game-time decision in there line up and hopefully you get to play against that person. The way I see it by putting a player in your lineup that’s a game time decision you’re taking an unnecessary risk. whenever my lineups lock and I go through and take a peek at who I’m playing against and I see they have a player that is game time decision or a player that’s coming off of injury I get a big smile on my face cause I know there’s a good chance that I’m about to cash against that team. look at it this way, if a player is a game-time decision but that player ends up playing, at the very least you know that player is not 100% because it was question whether they would play or not and that should be enough for you not to put that player in your lineup. Next you need to follow the game a little bit you don’t have to be a dedicated NBA Fan, but you at least need to know the little nuances here and there. For instance, you need to know things like if his name isn’t Kawhi Leonard then you probably don’t want to play that San Antonio Spurs player. You kind of need to know the trends that are more of a constant. Now let me tell you what I mean by that, coach Popovich rest his players without warning all the time. So by playing a San Antonio Spurs player other then Kawhi Leonard or let’s say LaMarcus Aldridge you are kind of taking a chance. Also, on the other end of the spectrum you have coaches like Stan Van Gundy who’s probably going to play his players more minutes than they should play. Luckily we take care of this for you here at

Don’t Be That Guy.


Finally, don’t be that guy. Don’t be the guy that has Steve Francis in his lineup and Steve Francis not even on an NBA Team. I’ve seen it and played it against players for a considerable amount of cash that have NBA Free Agents in their lineup this is no joke. You’re a part of our community here at my DFS lineups, so there is no reason you should ever have a player in your lineup that’s not even on an NBA roster. Don’t be that guy that has players in their lineup that are clearly listed as out. Now what I mean by that is, if Kemba Walker is out with an injury for two months and we are into week one of that 2 months and you put Lemba in your lineup, shame on you, don’t be that guy. Don’t be that guy that put all of his favorite players or all of the players from his favorite team in his lineup. You’re going to have to remove emotion and fandom from playing Fantasy Basketball. I know you like the player that you like, I know you like the team that you like, but when it comes to Fantasy Basketball and DFS in general you must remove emotions, just don’t be that guy. Have all your fun in free contests.

Thanks for reading. I don’t worry to much about grammar on these posts because it’s all about getting it out there fast as I can so you learn. Leave any questions or comments below.

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