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NBA Lineups Results | Fantasy Basketball Results | March 7

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Everyday we will try to pick one lineup and share the results with you. You’ll notice that we don’t show weather we won or lost. The reason for that is because you shouldn’t focus on wins or loses if you really want to be successful at Fantasy Basketball. You should focus on getting as close to your estimated score as possible. The people you’re playing against can luck up on a giving night and score big or you could be playing a rookie who has injured players in there lineup. So forget about wins and loses when you look at these results, just pay attention to the estimated Fantasy Points and the Actual Fantasy Points. This DFS Lifestyle is a mental game and you have to have rules and principles to follow if you want to swim with the sharks, and this is rule number one.

MVP Grinders Club
Actual Fanduel Lineup

NBA Lineup Recap

A break down of this lineup is coming soon. For now feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

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    1. Hey, Thanks for the question.

      We usually update the lineups by 10am. Soon as the lineups are updated we will send out our Winners Club and MVP Grinders club emails to notify you. Most importantly, we want to provide you with the best possible lineups we can and every now then the process takes a little longer. Sometimes when there are injuries or players that are all of sudden listed as “out” we will update the lineups. This update usually will happen prior 6:30pm est. Again, Thanks for the question and we’ll add the answer to a FAQ Page.

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