NBA Players Averaging 30 Fantasy Points
Daily Fantasy Basketball Players Averaging 30

Players Averaging 30 For NBA Lineups April 07 2018

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Last DFS Update: Players Averaging 30 For NBA Lineups 4/7/2018 12:31:14 PM est.

Here are Today’s Players Averaging 30 For NBA Lineups April 07 2018.

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Fanduel Fantasy Basketball Players Averaging 30

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SG: James Harden
Avg FPS: 53.01
Cost Per Point: 207.51
NBA Match Up: HOUvsOKC

PG: Russell Westbrook
Avg FPS: 53.75
Cost Per Point: 226.99
NBA Match Up: OKCvsHOU

SF: Kevin Durant
Avg FPS: 47.45
Cost Per Point: 236.06
NBA Match Up: GSWvsNOP

PF: Anthony Davis
Avg FPS: 54.29
Cost Per Point: 235.77
NBA Match Up: NOPvsGSW

SG: Khris Middleton
Avg FPS: 35.44
Cost Per Point: 234.2
NBA Match Up: MILvsNYK

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge
Avg FPS: 39.79
Cost Per Point: 238.73
NBA Match Up: SASvsPOR

PG: Damian Lillard
Avg FPS: 43.43
Cost Per Point: 221.05
NBA Match Up: PORvsSAS

PG: Eric Bledsoe
Avg FPS: 34.49
Cost Per Point: 243.57
NBA Match Up: MILvsNYK

C: Clint Capela
Avg FPS: 35.01
Cost Per Point: 208.52
NBA Match Up: HOUvsOKC

SF: Paul George
Avg FPS: 38.4
Cost Per Point: 203.12
NBA Match Up: OKCvsHOU

SG: Jrue Holiday
Avg FPS: 37.35
Cost Per Point: 219.52
NBA Match Up: NOPvsGSW

PG: Chris Paul
Avg FPS: 40.58
Cost Per Point: 206.98
NBA Match Up: HOUvsOKC

C: Steven Adams
Avg FPS: 31.68
Cost Per Point: 217.83
NBA Match Up: OKCvsHOU

C: Jusuf Nurkic
Avg FPS: 31.74
Cost Per Point: 236.31
NBA Match Up: PORvsSAS

SG: Klay Thompson
Avg FPS: 30.11
Cost Per Point: 215.9
NBA Match Up: GSWvsNOP

PF: Draymond Green
Avg FPS: 36.48
Cost Per Point: 213.81
NBA Match Up: GSWvsNOP

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